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Nishimoto WORLD GIFT

About Nishimoto WORLD GIFT

** The passion we dedicate to our Fruit Gifts remains unchanged!
* As professionals who specialize in fruits, we only deliver authentic fruits.
* About our services
We provide customer services in the United States and Japan.

** The passion we dedicate to our Fruit Gifts remains unchanged!

Nishimoto Trading Co., Ltd was first established in 1912, immediately exporting Japanese food products across the globe to Japanese expatriates living overseas. Almost half a century later, the company would launch its Fruit Gift service for Japan in 1968.

The inspiration for this came from a Seattle branch manager whom was very impressed by the taste of American oranges to the point that it made him want to bring them back to Japan for his family to enjoy prior to World War II.
Furthermore, it is said when his family first tried the juicy sweet taste of American-grown oranges, they in fact, were far more impressed than even he was!

The impression he got from American oranges later led him towards establishing a relationship with Sunkist products, while solidifying their position as the sole importer of citrus into Japan.
From its humble beginnings, to eventually becoming the first importer of oranges and lemons in Japan, Nishimoto to this day continues to nurture and develop its strong bonds with local growers and suppliers.
Bringing delicious fruits from our family to yours is and has always been the source of our passion.

* Wismettac Foods, Inc. Fruit Gift Department specializes in delivering only the most high-quality fruits available.

Our products undergo the most thorough inspections of any other Fruit gift service out there and as such, we take pride in ensuring only the best in quality for over 50 years.
This is because Nishimoto Trading Co. Ltd., fruits are a freshly picked product which is delivered straight from our fields to your table, ready to be enjoyed!

◎ We carefully select the most delicious varieties and places of origin.
◎ With many years of experience, our fruit connoisseurs determine the sugar content and acidity of each of our fruits based on the season and the weather.
◎ The freshness of our fruits are 100% guaranteed.
◎ We carefully inspect every piece by hand for any flaws or defects.
◎ We deliver all of our carefully selected fruits without losing any of their taste and freshness.

We have an overseas network and provide an exceptionally fine service.

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