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■About WEB Access
I can't use the internet.
Please let us know your name and mailing address.
We will send you a catalog with order form.
Can I use a smartphone to access your website?
Yes. You can connect to the internet and access our website
using your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

■About Order Application
Do I need to register as a member?
Yes. A membership registration is required.
Please note that registration is free.

If this is the first time you use our service,
an active e-mail address is required.
In addition, the password you will set up for your account is required
when logging in.

■About Coupon Codes
Can I use the coupon code as many time
as I want during the validity period?
No. You can only use the coupon code once.
Where do I enter the coupon code?
There is an input field in the "Point/Coupon Code" page
during the order application
When I enter the coupon code, I got an invalid code error.
The coupon code is composed of 12 alphanumeric characters.
Please double-check the code.

In addition, please note that we do not use the following characters
on the code:
【Number】0 and 1 【Alphabet】I, O, and Q
Can I transfer the coupon code to a third party?
Yes, you can.
The coupon code can be used regardless of who uses it.
【For Shareholders】
Can the special coupon be used on the WEB only?
No. You can use the special coupon
even if you send the order application by mail.

■About Payment
Is the shipping fee separate from the item price?
It is free shipping.
The price includes all expenses such as taxes and packing fees.

※However, there is an additional $7.00 per item
for shipment to Okinawa Prefecture.
Can I choose the number of payments?
No. We process single payment only.
What credit card brands can I use?
We accept the following credit card brands:
My credit card payment bounced back.
【WEB Browsers】
Please use Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge only.
※For security purposes, our system no longer supports Internet Explorer for the USD payment.

■About Requests
Is it possible to gift wrap the product?
We sincerely apologize.
It is not possible for us to gift wrap the product.
Can you attach a message?
Yes. For delivery to Japan,
we can add a message of up to 150 characters
(including spaces and punctuation marks).

【for WEB application】
You can enter the message in the "Gift Message" section
of the "Select Shipping Address" page.

【for Mail application】
Please write the message on the memo section of the order form.

■About Delivery
Do you accept delivery date requests?
We accept delivery date requests for some of our items.

※The ! marked products cannot be delivered on the same date
and time as the other products.
However, we can add a request,
whether to deliver it in early or middle or late of the (month).
How do you deliver the products?
We keep the temperature range of the described product,
such as CHILLED (refrigerated) or FROZEN (frozen).

It is delivered by Yamato Transport in Japan and
by FedEx or UPS in the United States of America.
(The product without description is at room temperature)
Can you send shipping notifications and delivery completion via e-mail?
Yes, we will send it to your registered e-mail address.
Which countries do you deliver your products?
We deliver America's freshly picked fruits to Japan and
Japanese gourmet products to the United States (Except to Hawaii, Alaska, Guam, Canada)

■About Membership Registration
Membership registration is free and is required for shopping.

For exchange rates, please contact your credit card company directly.
Please be guided that we outsourced the USD payment to CardConnect and the JPY payment to Sony Payment Services Inc.

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